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1Tap card is the NFC Enabled business card , which is an IOT ( Internet of things ) technology, most updated technology to share your details to any NFC Enabled smart phone & share your contact details hassle free.
1Tap cards works on both IOS as well as Android device though you have to turn NFC ON as you turn your bluetooth on / off in Android devices and IOS devices have NFC enabled at all times.
No , You do not require any application to use 1TAP card , So with least possible efforts you can Network.
Its not a necessity to own an NFC enabled smart phone to use 1TAP Card.
Custom design is only possible for bulk orders , otherwise our design team will give you assistance to provide you Favourable output.
No Renewal is required , One time payment and you can use your 1TAP card.
Yes you can with our Exclusive feature where you scan the QR Code and find multiple profiles to choose from be it like “ Social media redirect “ , “ Website redirect “ OR “ Business card.
You can call us during business hours and place your order on the phone with easy steps !
Know More...!!!
You can use your 1Tap card to share your contact details , business links , social media links & brochure , 1Tap card is the information sender & your smart device is the receiver which is NFC Enabled ( To check your phone’s compatibility please see the “Compatibility list” on our website ) , So just Tap your card on the Receiver’s device & share details hassle free.
So when Receivers device doe not have NFC Feature , we have a QR Code feature which works with those smart devices , Receiver can open their camera to scan the QR code and they can seamlessly save the data.
The best way to order your 1TAP Card is online , You can create your Login account , Select the design from wide range of more than 25 + designs and place your order with making payment from our secure gateway , You will receive Email with Instructions & Further guide for designing & approvals.
We provide you a “USER PANEL “ post your payment online , where you can update , edit or delete your details like your phone numbers , address , social media links or website details , You can update and find the change in the Realtime.
It depends upon your city though usually it takes 7 - 10 working days.
Its simple to buy online from our website OR You can also call us during business hours to place your order.
You will be provided with “ User Panel “ ID & Password , which you can change after 1st Login . Login to your personalised user panel and update all your contact information , company logo which you want to share while networking , Once you upload all required information and update , Our Design team will work on your requirements before they send you final options for your approval , Post that they will be sent for printing and than delivery to your doorsteps.
Our unique offerings unlike other competitors , 1TAP provides “TWO NFC Enabled business cards” in one package , so you always have other card for your Networking , Also if you loose your card you can log in to your user panel and unlink your lost card.
It usually does not happen as its simple technology though “ If your card stops working within 7 days of your delivery than we will send you a replacement immediately , However no replacement will be provided if card is physically damaged.
You can use your 1Tap card for Networking , Sharing your social media or website links and many more.